Moving to Hashnode

Moving to Hashnode

Hi there.

I'm Yurko (or Uko in short): a software engineer, computer scientist, programmer, software craftsman, you name it. I'm a person who solves problems with software. I care for the solutions to be satisfactory to use, and stable (in a way that even if it breaks, I know why, and I know how to fix that). So I'm not the kind of person who would mindlessly use some new hot framework, or learn tons of boilerplate things just to get a job at Google & co. Instead, I like to focus on real problems that impact me and investigate the solutions to them with all the pros and cons.

Many of my blogs have a "getting started" style. There are many tools, frameworks, systems, etc., with a broad variety of features and various levels of documentation. But every so often there is no simple "getting started." And as you may know from your own experience already: it's much easier to change a working thing than kickstart a new one.

I started a long time ago with my friends to write the Sleepy Coders blog. Then when I became a sole contributor, I created my own blog Uko on Code . Over some time, my publication became sparse and eventually stopped. But I didn't stop coding and encountering challenging problems that I wanted to share with the world. As it was time to start writing again, a had a dilemma: do a move to a new blogging platform? You see, Blogger is nice and free, but it grows very old, and I had to go through many hoops just to insert and monospaced code snippet. On the other hand, if I have to move — where to? I should develop my own blogging platform, right? Around that time this tweet appeared in my timeline:

And from the replies to that tweet I discovered Hashnode. Let's see how it goes now. I'll try to migrate my relevant old blogposts with a date in the past, so all my stuff stays together.